Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is one of three types of bankruptcy debt relief. Free legal advice about Chapter 13 bankruptcy, bankruptcy chapter 7, chapter 11 bankruptcy shows you how to get out of debt.  A good bankrupcy attorney can tell you about chapter 7 chapter 11 and bankruptcy chapter 13.  Discount bankruptcy low-cost bankruptcy affordable bankruptcy


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If your government paycheck or contractor payment is suspended or delayed during the federal government shutdown YOU MAY QUALIFY FOR IMMEDIATE BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION WITH $0 UP-FRONT ATTORNEY FEES*

During this unprecedented federal government shutdown, millions are facing real-life financial emergencies like repossession, foreclosure and eviction. The federal government payroll offices are not working, but the United States Bankruptcy Court is, and it can protect you from all collection activity immediately !

When debt problems get out of control, Bankruptcy allows you to adjust and eliminate certain debts under Federal Law known as The Bankruptcy Code. Bankruptcy Court protection stops creditors from taking action against your property, like wage garnishments, repossession and foreclosure, and the protection goes into effect the minute we file your case with the Court.

In emergencies, your bankruptcy attorney can file your case electronically 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. How long it takes to file the case is just a matter of how soon you complete the credit briefing (which takes as little as 45 minutes), make fee arrangements, and provide your lawyer the information needed to prepare your documents. Since we know money is the problem, we make sure initial attorneys fees and expenses are within your means, particularly during this federal government shutdown.

When we file your Petition for Relief, a federal court order prohibits all your creditors from taking call you, write you, sue you or take any action against you to collect a debt, except child support, alimony and criminal restitution. It's also illegal for creditors to attach wages and interfere with property of your bankruptcy estate, so repossession, garnishment and foreclosure all stop as of the date and time of filing. Once you hire us, you can tell creditors to call your bankruptcy lawyer, and it's illegal for collection agencies to continue caling you at that point.

Before you retain any bankruptcy attorney, be sure they have experience dealing with the Bankruptcy Court Clerk, and the Bankruptcy Trustee. With more than 25 years in practice and thousands of successful cases completed, we have the confidence to get between you and your creditors like few other Arizona Bankruptcy law firms can.

We want to be your lawyers, for the trouble at hand, and for the road ahead.


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