The Means Test may limit eligibility for Chapter 7.

If yours are primarily consumer debts, your income could make you ineligible for chapter 7.  The test starts with the six-month average if your monthly gross income from all sources.  If it's more than the state's median family income households of the same size, you could be required to repay what you can for up to 60 months in a chapter 13. If you subtract your allowable living expenses according to the Internal Revenue Service guidelines and the average up all your house car and support payments for the next five years and have as little as a hundred dollars left over and could repay 25 percent or more of your general unsecured debt in a five-year chapter 13 repayment plan, there's a legal presumption you're ineligible for chapter 7. With $207 or more leftover,  you are clearly ineligible for chapter 7 under most circumstances and your attorney faces civil penalties if you file chapter 7 instead of a chapter 13.